Thursday, January 7

The Face of Disgrace

Different countries,
you’d think different folks.
Yet at the end of the day
they roll on the same spokes.

European powers embraced the slave trade,
while the French Republic colonized every damn day.

The United States exterminated the Native whole,
as the Germans annihilated the Jewish souls.

Stalin loved to produce man made famines,
while Mao executed to bring his earthly canons.

The Ottoman extinguished the Armenians,
while Italy slaughtered the Ethiopians.

And even with the Swiss who sat in the middle
entered the game of gold administration
from the Jews the Nazis cremated.

And if you believe your country is safe
realize they have a commonplace;
death for political power and elimination of a race.

The Face of Disgrace by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse