Wednesday, July 22

From the Pulpit

From the pulpit the evil ones speak
Deceiving the flock with their secular speech;
Selling the sheep a lie as their truth,
Converting the masses with their vile approve
Of immoral fantasies and evil dispute.

From the Pulpit by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Monday, July 13


Immorality engulfs every facade of society
As death fills us with the lust of tragedy.
We watch murder on the screens of white,
We scream for more – in the ecstasy of delight!

The love of evil is our political obsession,
Leaving those to die at the hand of repression
Upon the streets in pain and agony;
We call it our new peaceful serenity!

So why stop the butchers from ripping the limbs
Off the children they eat with their earthly sin;
After all, the nation enjoys their morbid transgressions,
Society rings out to indulge in their sickened obsessions!

The children are flooded with scenes of horror,
Learning that death is what to adore.
They seek to murder in the name of fun,
Calling it out in the name of love!

We are raising a people built for war
That only knows death and tragedy galore.
Love no longer lives within their minds;
They only seek to snatch the next gentle life.

Whoa to the days that this future will bring
As all they will know is that mutilation is serene.
All because we sat idle in silence
Refusing to lift our voices against violence.

This now plagues every facade of humanity,
And it is embedded in our deepest darkest memories;
The damage is done to the point past destruction,
We will pay the penalty for our depraved obsessions.

Immorality by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, July 9

Modern Day Prophets

I sit and cry in great disdain
At the way men speak of God in vain.
The lies they spew from the pulpit so sweet,
Deceiving each and every feeble sheep.

I feel like we are in the days of Old
Right before Noah was told:
Build the ark, and prepare
For a day of wrath the world will bear.

Modern day prophets speak in lies
As the sheep are clueless as to what they imply
For they never open the book of law
To know if the truth was set before them all.

They play this game with their souls,
Condemning themselves to a life unknown,
Of torture and pain for the rest of their days
As the false teachers preach the insane.

For these sleepless sheep of our modern day
Live their lives in chaos and rage.
They rebuke the truth for the lies they love,
In order to justify their earthly lusts.

Modern Day Prophets by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse