Monday, September 14

A New Era

A new era of darkness embarks upon us,
A darkness of which our fathers have never known.
One in which many are butchered in the name of morality
As they reject the conversion of their souls.

They accept torture for their fate
As they accept martyrdom for their faith.
Their only desire – to walk in the precepts of their King:
The Creator, the King of kings!

A New Era by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, July 22

From the Pulpit

From the pulpit the evil ones speak
Deceiving the flock with their secular speech;
Selling the sheep a lie as their truth,
Converting the masses with their vile approve
Of immoral fantasies and evil dispute.

From the Pulpit by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Monday, July 13


Immorality engulfs every facade of society
As death fills us with the lust of tragedy.
We watch murder on the screens of white,
We scream for more – in the ecstasy of delight!

The love of evil is our political obsession,
Leaving those to die at the hand of repression
Upon the streets in pain and agony;
We call it our new peaceful serenity!

So why stop the butchers from ripping the limbs
Off the children they eat with their earthly sin;
After all, the nation enjoys their morbid transgressions,
Society rings out to indulge in their sickened obsessions!

The children are flooded with scenes of horror,
Learning that death is what to adore.
They seek to murder in the name of fun,
Calling it out in the name of love!

We are raising a people built for war
That only knows death and tragedy galore.
Love no longer lives within their minds;
They only seek to snatch the next gentle life.

Whoa to the days that this future will bring
As all they will know is that mutilation is serene.
All because we sat idle in silence
Refusing to lift our voices against violence.

This now plagues every facade of humanity,
And it is embedded in our deepest darkest memories;
The damage is done to the point past destruction,
We will pay the penalty for our depraved obsessions.

Immorality by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, July 9

Modern Day Prophets

I sit and cry in great disdain
At the way men speak of God in vain.
The lies they spew from the pulpit so sweet,
Deceiving each and every feeble sheep.

I feel like we are in the days of Old
Right before Noah was told:
Build the ark, and prepare
For a day of wrath the world will bear.

Modern day prophets speak in lies
As the sheep are clueless as to what they imply
For they never open the book of law
To know if the truth was set before them all.

They play this game with their souls,
Condemning themselves to a life unknown,
Of torture and pain for the rest of their days
As the false teachers preach the insane.

For these sleepless sheep of our modern day
Live their lives in chaos and rage.
They rebuke the truth for the lies they love,
In order to justify their earthly lusts.

Modern Day Prophets by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, June 27

No Mercy

They prey upon the lost and the weak,
Like the wolf waiting to strike its next feast,
Killing the innocent for the price of their meat
As they pleasure themselves with their sickening creed
     Of sexual fantasy and evil deceit.

These degenerates need to pay with their blood
For the lives they took in the games they call fun.
So slit their wrist and let them bleed dry,
Cut off their foot, and watch them die!

They're a pathetic excuse
For the life that I know;
My hatred grows strong,
My heart turns to stone.
They murder the young
For the price of their fun,
Protected by Law
Are these sickening ones!

I say – strike at their necks,
Take what they hold dear,
Put them in prison
So they’ll die as we cheer!

Pedophiles I weep for the children you keep
In your evil memories of lust and deceit.
And for the crimes you commit,
With your sadistic filled lies,
You should dwell in hell
For the rest of your lives!

No mercy I have
For the crimes that you keep
Against the children,
That you willfully deceived!

An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth,
Into the prison of hell
I pray you shall dwell!

And in this new place
Filled with carnage and rape
You now become the sexual taste
Where they fill their hunger with their disease
     Of sexual fantasy and evil deceit.

So as you cry awake as you lie your hell
Remember the children that you did sell
Into your lies of morbid deceit;
For now you live in complete disbelief
As they rape and pummel with their disease
     Of sexual fantasy and evil deceit.

No Mercy by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, June 20


Like the ocean,
Wandering endlessly,
Until it strikes the shore
That breaches it crest which explores
The sandy beaches beneath its waters
That brings torment
     – To those –
Caught in the undercurrent
Of every seventh wave.

Time by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, June 4

Sit and Stare

I sit and stare at the world within,
Looking through the glass of hate and sin;
A world set into a motionless state,
As lands plummet at accelerated rates.

Good or bad, what difference does it make?
Evil prevails in every single place;
As dark mystery is now the way,
Bringing back pagans to our modern day.

The future leads to a land of doom
Where leaders rule by an evil, full moon.
Hostility sets upon their weary breath
To remove anyone that doesn’t coexist.

The one they call their "Righteous, Holy Light"
Is nothing more than a monster filled with sight
Of hate, persecution, greed and strife;
The four corners leading to Armageddon's plight.

They'll force your life to a hellish fate
If you refuse to, regurgitate
The lies in which they weave,
From the house in which they never leave.

These monsters dwell in cowardly strife;
Waiting to silence anyone's life
That disclaim what they proclaim
Of their chosen one, of change.

So I sit and wait
In a furious feeble state
As they continue to try to re-instantiate
The days before the fatal blow of 1928.

Take heed and understand what is at stake
Of the horror setting forth upon the human race;
They’ll pillage, they'll rape and ferociously mutilate,
If submission is not what you agree to take.

May God have mercy on our torrid souls
To give us the strength as this evil unfolds,
To stand for righteousness and be bold
In these dark days resurrected from old.

Sit and Stare by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, May 27

Find Their Way

Greatness comes from within,
From mighty men born into sin.
They find their way
In the Truth each day,
Wandering through
– Rivers of dismay.

Find Their Way by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, May 24

I Take What is not Mine

Lord, I take what is rightfully yours,
I dance the night right across the floors.
I refuse to give to your earthly stores:
I take what is yours so I can explore.

I do not give to those that are in need;
I give to myself out of earthly greed.
I break the promise you ask me to keep,
To help everyone in desperate need.

I beg you remove my heart of darkened stone,
Teaching me to obey the ways you condone;
Showing me your will,
Instead of my own.

Please remove my contention that is set;
Give to me, or pay another's debt.
My heart has turned into hardened stone,
Earthly idols – won’t leave me alone.

Teach me, Lord, how to share, even more,
Test my heart in helping out the poor;
Giving to those who live dire need,
Giving with a heart that is empty of greed.

Allow me to help those in dire need,
Especially the orphans, the windows and the weak.
For plenty, you have given,
And greatly I’ve received.

I Take What is not Mine by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Friday, May 15

I Wait

As I gaze into the face of death,
She veils her eyes from me.
She ignores my pleas for sanity,
As I live in this earthly calamity.

Suicide binds my mind
As pain torments
My each waking hour;
Like a cold winters night
     – Frozen –
In a motionless state
Of chaos and terror!

Will peace ever show his face
Like in the days of old?

Will he ever let life ease these sorrows
Of trauma from this unjust world?

Is torment the only face
That I will ever know
From this day forward
     – Waiting –
Until the day that I drift
Away from this fallen
     Empty place
      – Called home –

I Wait by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Friday, May 8


She torments without mercy;
She disregards color and creed;
She arrives without warning:
And when her trigger sings,
You're lifeless –
Your existence begins to cease.

She hunts without pity;
She destroys like a disease.
She strips away your sanity
As she inflicts with her deeds.

She cares not for the needy,
Nor the humble, or the weak;
She enjoys your cries for mercy
As she destroys your will to be.

She is ruthless; she's never-ending,
No boundaries does she keep:
She comes without a warning,
Carrying vengeance to her feast.

I pray she ends her afflictions,
Her tortures terrorize me.
I pray she ceases her anger:
I am shallow, broken and weak
From the heartache she does bring.

Death by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, May 2


Violent spinning brings me to my knees;
Excruciating spirals are all I see.
Right to the floor, I drop and plead
      – Stop this torture that has stricken me.

I plead and pray this spinning will cease,
G-d please help this pain release.
On the floor, I scream and weep
      – Vertigo your killing me!

Vertigo by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, April 30

Emergency Room

Sitting and waiting in this room alone,
Cold and silent, with whispering moans:
Behind these curtains of tragedy,
I sit alone with unknown misery.

Test after test are becoming my norm
With nothing else left
Except these crippling tours,
Of another night spent
– In the emergency ward.

Beeps and tones are all that I dream
As I watch the monitors – green lights, serene.
Up and down goes the green line,
On the monitor, that's wasting my life.

I'm in a dream I wish to ignore,
I can't wake up from this ungodly war
As needles of hell cut my veins
Bringing me only torture and pain!

No cure obtained for what I endure,
Just piles of records with no known cures.
I need the answers in that which I seek,
So I can live my life and finally be free!

But as far as I know and am able to see
Hope is striped with each passing scene
As needles are pronged into my arms,
These needles of hell dealt me wrong!

All I want is to be back in my life,
Back on my feet, to run without strife!
Back to the days, I used to adore
As I'm tired of these curses, my body endures!

Please, please I sincerely do plead
No more emergency visits for me;
Sitting alone and brought to my knees,
Just find the cure, and let my soul be – Please!

Emergency Room by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, April 26

My Grandfather

There was a man that I once knew
Who was righteous in the way he stood.
He was a man of love and honor,
Who lived as men should.

His heart was strong like the lion,
Yet his deeds as gentle as snow.
He sought to help the needy
Whenever the path was shown.

He loved little children
And helped all those in need.
He was kind to all who knew him,
For he was a great man indeed.

Humble were his actions,
Yet strong and brave was he.
He saved many during his duty
And later in life, he saved me.

The memories I will cherish
Reminiscing of the days
Traveling along the highways
To places far and away.

He taught me how to be a man
And how to love a wife.
He showed me the path to G-d,
And how I should live my life.

This man is no longer with me
As he passed not so long ago.
His memories will never leave me,
So now I will no longer mourn.

My children will grow to know him
From the words that I will speak.
They will learn how to love HaShem,
By the lessons my Grandfather did teach.

My tears are finally silenced
As I sit and think of him.
His lessons I will greatly cherish;
My grandfather I will surely miss.

My Grandfather by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, April 23


Shadows of terror sweep my soul,
Like a world darkened from the eclipses of old.
A world where darkness is called by name;
A world which glorifies malice and rage.

A world where intelligence no longer succeeds;
A world where morals become the disease.
A world where justice protects the insane;
A world where lawlessness socially does reign.

Now our days race with rage,
As shadows continue to twist and change;
Like seas churning with the winds of a storm,
These shadows are continually born:

They’re stripping away our G-d given sovereignty:
Bringing forth hell … aligned in calamity,
Seeking a god in the depths of their depravity:
This is their change; shadow filled amity.

I bow down with broken esteem
Praying to G-d – this world will see;
Hoping G-d – will dissolve her disease,
Believing G-d – will return her to her feet.

Shadows by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, April 12

The Game

Rape, murder, carnage and hate,
The four items our world does embrace.
Entertainment fills with these ghastly deeds,
While teaching our children about virtual need.

As they play on with the tick of the clock,
Their minds fill with death, sex and rot;
Seeking thrills that haunt most souls,
These children rape ... in their next, virtual episode.

Trained from youth to destroy and mutilate,
Gaining points for the atrocities in which they dictate;
Committing crimes against all in their way:
Crosshairs aligned – they commit their next virtual crime,
All in the name of having a good time!

These children live in their virtual realities
With brainwashing of evil lining their mentalities;
Defiant, and littered with wrath
They wait to pummel all in their path.

Society decays at accelerated rates,
Atrocities disregarded in our physical state;
People cheer as they kill and rape
Their next victim in the virtual playing space!

I sit vexed, disheartened and morally collapsed
Contemplating how children embrace these facts
Outlined in the games, they think of fun:
Playing in life the lessons learned
       – In their virtual gaming world!

The Game by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

O Wisdom

O Wisdom where hast thou gone?
The mountains swell with rivers of arrogance.
They flow pleasures of iniquity into their streams:
Setting snares of melancholy that connects the seas.

These mountains, O Wisdom, no longer seek your ways.
Her rivers overflow into the arms of self-entitlement
As they bring forth their spoils of immorality:
Filling the seas with pleasures of worldly lust!

O Wisdom, these mountains are drunk upon a new wine.
A wine that flows into the arms of a crescent moon
That brings forth a light to raise her cedars of war
Against the rivers of self-indulgence.

Without you, O Wisdom, these rivers seek what they cannot see
As this moon shines her fury upon these waters of ignorance!
Her light shines upon these rivers with shades of red,
As her cedars paint desolation upon them!

You, O Wisdom, we patiently await your return:
Every mountain will tremble before your name:
Rivers will vanish and light will no longer shine
As your winds will storm from the heavens above!

O Wisdom, Your glory will reign upon a new sea
That will form in a land where morality resides!
You, O Wisdom, will drain these red stained waters
Into the wells of refinement!


O Wisdom by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, April 4

Meniere's Disease

Even as I stand tranquil,
I spin as on an open sea.
I slip with every step I make,
Life became a torture for me.

Continual ringing inside in mind,
Silence a dream I can no longer find.
Peace for me cannot be seen,
I struggle to keep my sanity.

I weep and pray each passing day
That these tears of sickness dry away.
I long to know the peace I knew
Before she took my will to do.

But now she's taken hold me
As she blinds and deafens my reality;
Conforming me to a man of old,
She eats away at my young soul!

She haunts with each tick of the clock,
Perpetual spirals - nonstop!
Like the tornado upon the sea
I awakening to terror, it's not a dream!

Meniere's Disease depart from me,
I beg and plead for my sanity!
Find compassion and hear my plea:
Give me back my serenity!

Meniere's Disease by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Monday, March 23

The Veil

Masquerading a lie for the truth
Under the name of righteousness.
Setting her sails across the lands
Like a sailor upon the open seas,
Inviting all to partake as her crew.
Meanwhile the waters can no longer drink
Since the moon has scorched her seas.

The Veil by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse