Tuesday, March 15

Another Day

Green blades,
Blue days,
Yellow flowers
Begin to tower.

Warm days
Set the stage,
The birds pray
To the golden rays.

Life begins
With musical whims;
The trees spin,
The apricots live.

The sun sets,
The wind jets
Across the sky,
The day went by.

Another Day by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Monday, March 7

A Decade of Living

For the past decade, I've been locked away
Forgetting how to live each and every day.

And yet I believed I was living my life,
But rather I lived in a virtuous strife.

It beat me down as the tunnel closed in;
My lens grew thin, my mind begun to spin.

I couldn’t recall how to see the light;
I only drifted in a terrifying flight.

Demons ravaged every corner of my brain
Like a train slipping past her main:

Slipping the line until she collides
– Everyone on board is no longer alive.

A decade of living is what I thought I saw;
A decade of dying is what I just recalled.

A Decade of Living by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Friday, March 4

You Win, We’ll Leave

Tip top are the words he would say,
Ordering all – to win his way;
Didn’t matter in whom he harmed,
Disingenuously he would charm.

Yielding to his outright deception,
Oasis of promise was his invention.
Ulterior motives – his only intention.

Without contrition, he flowered his seeds,
Implanting the heart just like the weed
Narcissistically nurturing his golden scheme.

You Win, We’ll Leave by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, March 2

Springs Coming

Long lines intertwine,
Sunlit vines embrace the sky.
Blue light, sonic boom:
How beautiful, the vines bloom.

Springs Coming by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse