Tuesday, January 5


When did it begin,
or may I say end;
   I fell, yet I stood tall;
   I died, yet I once lived for all.

But now I live as if dead;
no friends, no end
   - I can no longer defend.

Am I alive, or dead?
I cant decide, nor can I pretend
to make amends ... with anyone.

So then, do I live and struggle without end,
or do I live as if I’m already dead?

For this life can spin into a barbaric trend,
or end up leaving me lifeless and dead …
even when I have tried –
to just get by.

God knows I died, and I have tried,
   so I must decide
      – do I live or die?

I wont decide,
for either way
I’m dead;
life passes by without end.

When by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse