Monday, December 31

My Grandparents

Met at birth
In a room
Two people
Filled with love.

With their hearts
They impart
-- Like a father
     And a mother --
Tremendous love
To a young child
As to a son.

Memories cherished
A childhood treasured

A gift
From God

     My Grandparents!

My Grandparents by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Friday, December 21

Art From Within

It is the thing we create from within.
From the depth of our soul
Where our passion does live.
The place we seek to find the unseen,
Those things that are seen
Within our minds and our dreams,
The things that others have not yet seen.

A vision where those can gaze and be free,
By a master at play while capturing his dreams
Upon the canvas where the art lives and breathes
Away from other influence, that he may have seen.

The art does not copy the others of known,
Instead each piece is the artists very own.
By bracing his feet upon the ground where he stands,
The art comes from within, by the masters own hands.

Art From Within by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Tuesday, December 11

A Land of Disgrace

A land I know where one can’t speak
      Except for the councilmen’s bias filled speech.
Persecutions flow through this once great land
      Like an axe in battle as it slaughters the next man.
Unjust and fowl as these leaders may be
      Does not matter to the master of these so-called elite.
Go now and seek a new place to dwell
      And never return to this place called hell.

A Land of Disgrace by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, November 14

Peace Within

The waters swift within this place,
Swift as ocean currents break,
Waters racing from mountains above
Filling her shores with icy sludge:

Waters so black, yet white as snow,
A force so strong one cannot ignore.
Tearing trees from life and limb,
Changing the environment upon a whim.

And in this place, you sit so strong
As peace embellishes your granite walls.
A scene serene in which you make,
No movement do you create.

You sit strong as your neighbors fall.
You embrace the waters that climb your wall.
You stand fast for all to see,
You’re the peace within this glorious scene.

Peace Within by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Friday, November 9

Train Car #8

Ancient wonder in our modern world
Filled with desires no soul can acquire.
The wonders of the ancient elements,
The creation of the minds desire,

Oh, splendor of ancient wheels:
Turning as the ocean breaks,
Spinning beyond the age of industry,
Living in the mind of a society past.

Alone in a world with no love,
Lost to the silence of death,
Hidden in a grave of lost artifacts:
Ignored, stripped, ridden of all breath.

Transformed through the vision of the creative one,
Rediscovered with the analog savior.
A medium so exquisite,
Reborn to your profound glory,

Rendered in silver and salts
With tones of exquisite illumination;
The rival of modern mediums,
Generations will see you in your glory.

Fiber, double weight,
Mounted for the world to admire.
Oh Silver Gelatin, beautiful illumination,
The envy of digital modernism.

Train Car #8 by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, October 24

A Childs Cry

Children wasted in the educational facility of emptiness.
Educators preach to the untouchable.
Children untended left to defend from the imaginable.
The perverted wait to execute the unspeakable.

Children destroyed through single acts of senseless violence.
Childhoods erased, reborn to the adulthood of anguish.
Innocence vanquished to a forever sea of suffering,
Never to re-claim what the malicious have taken in silence.

Children weep in torment as their scars forever remain;
Bloody intentions embrace their desires:
They will search for vengeance against their aggressors,
With murderous memories, to reclaim what the wicked acquired.

The twisted remain to prey upon our communities
Without consequence for their acts of morbid sickness;
They prowl, inflicting with transgressions:
No reflection for their intentions of wickedness.

Magistrates protect the incomprehensible.
The innocent, silenced by the legal voice of recklessness.
No righteous resurrection from the fatalities of transgressions.
Children mourn with murderous abandonment.

All the while children cry and die every day!

A Childs Cry by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

A Child Alone

Born into a world of deception,
Embraced in a life of abuse,
Tormented by a state of abandonment,
Betrayed by parents of youth.

Destroyed by words of profanities,
Tortured without excuse,
Alone in a house of misery:
Torn, battered and confused.

Compelled to a life of insignificance
With their endeavors never seen,
Their family – a false reality,
Alone with only their dreams.

Assaulted with no explanation
By parents who destroy with their hands;
A child bruised and broken
Can only dream of oceans and sands.

Alone in a world with no one,
Their voice never heard nor seen,
Locked in a room of obscurities,
Waiting till death sets them free.

Violence speaks to this child
With no escape to be seen,
Alone in this house of tragedy:
Withdrawn, suicidal and unseen.

A Child Alone by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Life Lessons

Life’s riddled with hidden meanings
Like the oceans in a torrent storm;
Waves compressed as it nears its beaches,
Unleashing its power to explore.

White crests shattering their next victim,
Like an inferno engaged in war,
Haunting those who embrace its riddles,
Sending them plummeting to the floor.

Lessons of life never respected,
Repeated by youth to endure.
Elders look with eyes of sorrow,
Disbelieving as the foolish mourn.

Life Lessons by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, September 20

Seaweed and Kelp

Twisted and tangled within your form
Overlooked by many,
No one can see your beauty lie
Amongst the rocky dwellings of Point Lobos.

The day passes, the tide draws near,
Your elegance soon to be forgotten.
Eager to be a vision remembered,
An artist sees your beautiful rhythm.

An artist keen to the turmoil you bring,
A vision seen as no other;
Analog dreams, rest assured,
You will never be forgotten.

The mighty Deardorff sets upon the Riess
Pointed down with bellows drawn;
Meter read, zone three checked,
Your precious memory lives on!

Displayed in a silvery light
Upon the wall to admire,
A glance, and your viewer stares,
Your memory was acquired.

Seaweed and Kelp by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Tuesday, August 14

Days of Past

We stand by those we trust,
All the while they transgress against us.
Friend or foe to behold?
For only they will surely know.

Trust someone in this day and age
Is nothing more than a noble cliché.

Slanderous words of dishonesty,
Destroying your character with their brutality.
The world believes them as they lie,
Who can one trust in this earthly enterprise?

Longing for the days of old
When men were men, as good as gold.

I long for days where a handshake meant
Your word was your bond, and honor felt.
Agreements made without paper convention;
Handshakes were the business transaction.

Honor flowed throughout the lands
Where everyone gave a helping hand.
A favor wasn't soemthing that needed returned,
As a friend indeed was something earned.

Days of past will not return
As immoral acts are loved and learned.
Handshakes, a thing of the past,
Your word, a thing that no longer lasts.

Days of Past by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, July 18

The Future of Creativity

The presence of our contemporary age
Alters artistic vision down a spiral of emptiness.
Artist no longer creating the visual page,
Spellbound by ambitions of digital laziness.

Visions lost to the age of simplicity,
Erased to machines’ evil desires,
Deluded by storms of deception,
Creativity ceased as hell endures its fires.

Instant gratification -- the new reality --
No yearning for excellence being acquired.
Modern day artistic visions,
Coerced by digital desires.

Tradition bankrupt by false realities,
Lost to a pallet of ones and zeros;
Artwork with no archival ability,
The future lost to modern day technologies.

The Future of Creativity by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, July 15

What’s to come?

Death decays daily life,
Eventually everyone endures this everlasting plight.
Articulating afterthoughts of life’s atrocities,
Traversing tragically with tremendous uncertainties,
Helplessly hoping heaven accepts you mercifully.

What’s to come? by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, June 30


Violence can take hold of anyone;
It strips away the virtues of what one was;
It is the thing that breeds contempt in one's soul,
It forces them to lash out from the depth below;

A depth so dark where terror fills the night,
A place so cold that Hell would never know,
A silence so loud, it would drive one insane;
So grim this place, no one could ever brave.

These “Ones” whose virtues were compromised
Seek vengeance against the deviants of immoral genocide;
To lash against the transgression wrought upon their souls,
To reimburse the deviants ten thousand fold.

Retribution will be made on their day of reckoning
As these deviants will regret the pain and suffering
They invoked upon the “Ones” they wronged.

For now they wish they never engaged
In their acts of brutality and incoherent rage.

Justice has set forth and finally prevailed.

Violence by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, June 23


Life is the simple thing we neglect every day.
A day contains the time as we travel along our way.
Time is the thing we lack in our lives
As we yearn to find our way in this phenomenon called life.

We grow old in wisdom, yet are fragile in youth;
We cannot escape the perils that seek us with each move.
We can embrace the seconds that the clock has,
Or be the pawn forced by the master’s perilous hand.

Once we realize that three score and ten
Is the amount of time in which we have,
We will let misfortunes lie where they awake,
For life will not wait for us to simply engage.

Time must be the best of what we can make
As days are the things we can no longer waste.
For once they are gone like the birds in the sky,
They will never return, until death when we die.

So take heed from these words
That I must proclaim;

Live life to the fullest before the light fades.
Take one day at a time and never in dismay.
Travel the world to find what you sought in your dreams.
Climb the tallest mountains, quietly enjoy the scenes.
Walk among the people from sea to shining sea;
Hike along the rivers to live and be free.

For once three and ten spins dry,
Death is imminent, and life passed by.

Life by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Friday, May 25


White Foxtail’s of life
Whimsical lines of beauty
Pleasing to my eye

Foxtail’s by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Monday, May 7

My Home

I found a place to call my home
Within the woods for all to roam,
A mountain world of great delight
Away from cities’ overseen sights.

A place where children would be cherished,
A place where friendships would never perish,
A place where families would have meaning,
A place where everyone would be pleasing.

But in this land where I do live
It revealed its past and deadly sins;
A past so dark where black is white,
A place where death dwells in heavenly light,
A place I lived and hardly known,
A place I hate to call my home.

Within this town of lies and sin,
Nightmares thrive and live within.
Children mourn from dawn to dusk;
Township protects those of unimaginable disgust!

I sit and cry with tears of pain
As murderous rage pours through my veins.
A rage so strong as blinding light,
Ready to strike like a falcon in flight
While feasting in the utmost delight.

These nightmares I see are as thick as night.
I must escape before it takes my life.

This place I loathe to call my home
Is a place where none can live and roam.
A place to leave before you die,
A place of complete and unjust lies.

This city’s name I cannot not share
As it brings forth things, one cannot bare.

If I hint its name, you must swear this creed
That you will never seek what I have seen.
This hint I speak has a G,
Which ends with the letters A N D,
Twenty minutes west of Yosemite.

So if you search upon a map
Stay away from this town of collapse,
A town of misery where everyone moans,
A place I will leave that I called my home.

My Home by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, May 3

It’s Gonna Get Better

It’s gonna get better,
Are the words I hear every day!

The worlds in a rage,
Families in complete dismay,
Yet, They continue to say,
“Its gonna get better”.

Better for whom is the answer I seek,
As everyone suffers except the rich and elite.

Children are crying as they sleep in their graves,
Families moan in woe and rage;
Out of work and on the streets,
Homes stole by legislative greed;
People starve with not a morsel to eat
As they watch their lives stripped away, shipped overseas.
Yet, They continue to say every single day,
“It’s gonna get better”.

Who are They that speak these words of depict?
These words of emptiness filled with intentions of grief.

“They”, are the ones that control the industries
The ones that create laws and false realities,
The ones that create and destroy societies,
The ones we fought and died for with our dignity!
“They”, are the ones that live off our blood, sweat and tears,
Taking at will with no consequences to bear,
Stripping away our wealth and dignity,
Stealing the land away from our families,
Giving to those of foreign nationalities,
With no regard to the society that entrusted, “They”!

Yet behind their smoke filled lies,
While people die,
They continue to say,
“Its gonna get better”.

It’s Gonna Get Better by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, April 25

Yes my darling

Isolated within my mind, are thoughts of a friend,
     a lover, a beautiful wife.

Looking back on days gone by
     when we would sit and gaze past twilight
On ocean sands, sitting, waiting, counting every seventh wave,
Violet skies with shades of red,
     we watch as the ocean currents break;
Every seventh wave, a look, a kiss, an embrace.

You gaze into the oceans light
     as stars wander across a velvet night,
Our eyes embrace; we kiss, sheltered in the heavenly moonlight,
Untouched from these days gone by,

I reminisce about these signs of love.
Down the shores, along the waters edge
On the sands,
     we walked through the waters swirling beneath our feet.

Yes, my darling, I love you, I do.

Yes my darling by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, April 21


Time comes and goes as night falls.
Memories live and thrive throughout your mind.
Departed souls no longer speak, nor listen,
Yet recall within your mind and you will surely find.

Moments shared, past and forgotten
Etched in the mind as ice caresses its form.
Yet no thoughts allowed of past correlations,
Ignored and forgotten, a friendship mourned.

Memories fade, yet thrive inside,
Hidden away in a place as dark as night;
Nowhere seen, secured in obscurities,
they remain untouched.

Friends? Once upon a time the best of;
Cherished, only now to be forgotten.
Distant, never to speak again,
Yet through memories each one lives.

Time passes, the seasons change,
Years fade as ships sail the lonely seas.
Time lost to years forgotten,
Friendships torn through mistaken realities.

Can one regain that which was lost,
Can communication rekindle with the broken heart,
Can time reclaim the memories once shared,
Or does the silence shroud the severed heart?

Time will heal or destroy the many,
Yet time is what brings the best.
A friendship strong as the glacier peaks,
Yet fragile as ice shattering to the earth beneath.

Will time heal the broken hearted,
Or are wills so strong none will forgive?
These answers I seek, yet do not know,
I cannot see inside ones soul.

Has time healed that which was broken,
Or is a friendship lost with the unspoken?

Friendship by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Be Mine

On this special day of love,
My mind fills with thoughts of you.
Life and laughter cannot carry,
All the memories we walked through.

A special day of love and happiness
will add memories that will never perish;
Memories filled with love so true,
Knowing together, a lifetime, we will cherish.

Like oceans filled with current blue,
Skies laced in white hues,
My heart beats red, full of life,
My soul fills with delight anew.

The world without you
Is one I cannot comprehend;
The thought without you near,
Is a thought that brings bitter end.

Trials may have stricken our hearts,
But we strive, not allowing to break us apart;
For together we stand, we do not fall,
We will not perish in the world’s black arts.

For today, from now till dawn

We will gaze upon one another
Remembering the times we spent together,
We embrace; we kiss one another.

Be mine, my special Valentine,
On this day of love.
Let us cherish as lovers love,
Be mine on this day of love.

Happy Valentines Day,
My Dear dove.

Be Mine by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

The Progression of Hate

Melancholy mesmerizes American debate,
Illicit idiosyncrasies isolate our mental state,
Revulsion runs rigorously throughout our veins,
Prescriptions of peril to sooth our pains.

Society solicits immigration reform,
Political pandering patronizes our form,
Foreign nationalists strip away our rights,
Corporate corruption capitalizes illegal worker plight.

Citizens’ request catapult to clever discussions,
Administration in charge rules with unrighteous repercussions,
Politicians in power pulverize the politically incorrect,
Forced to accept animosity upon their arrogant request.

Americans forced to educate their replacements,
If they refuse their severance is wasted.
Out of occupation, oscillating with depression,
Homeless with hatred by corporate repression.

Illegals believing their false convoluted perception,
Taking for granted our constitutional inception,
Fallaciously ferocious towards our forefathers foundations,
Reaping rewards from our American traditions.

This progression of hate destroys without worry,
Capitalist corrupt and Americans in fury,
Government deceit erases our glory,
Americans in awe with abhorrent worry.

We have entered the days of our pre-Revolutionary ways.

The Progression of Hate by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Machine Shop #3

Walking through our presents past,
With relics lost to forgotten time,
A distant world where beauty dies,
Complexity and rhythm ‘round my mind.

Wheels compete to and fro,
Diagonal lines – four-way split.
Visions of confusion swirl about,
A grasp of reality, a simple twist.

Large, small, front to back,
Draws your eye – visual impact.
Spinning tops what do we see?
Disc of industry will be seen!

Competition, forging, metal pipes,
Iron, chains and railroad ties,
Builds the train – our industrialized lives,
Captured here in black and white.

Past now in present time,
Relics being conceptualized.
Modern world co-exists,
Machine Shop Three, immortalized!

Machine Shop #3 by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, March 7


The angles sing in the clouds above,
Our guardians in the heavens,
They whisper to us each passing night,
Comforting our hearts of mourning.

We lie in awake with prayers to God
Asking to heal his child.
Your body weak and the Angles speak,
You press on for a short while.

You finally come, lay to rest,
Your trials now forgotten;
God brings You into His loving arms,
Comforting You, His child.

Your soul withdraws to the heavens above,
You embark upon your journey:
A new life, a new day, a new age
– An afterlife without worry.

And though on this day of rest
Your spirit leaves our world,
With each and every one of us,
Your loving memory endures.

Dora by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, February 22

The Rich Man

There was a man that I once knew
As wealthy as no other,
His velvet pockets filled with gold
Worth more to him than any other.

His children sat in search of bread,
Not a penny did they see;
Hungry, frail and in the streets
searching for money to eat.

The rich man sat upon his wealth
Without a worry to his needs;
Cars, riches and homes of greed,
Not a dollar will he leave.

His children beg for help some days,
No food, they do not eat.
The man says it is good for them
For character it will bring.

This man eats in luxury
With paintings ‘round his walls;
When you ask for a penny
He retorts, “of course, with interest after all.”

No help did this man provide
For his children in dire need,
But if friends ask for helping hands,
He replied, “Of course, yes, indeed!”

His wealth is a god to him
Worth more than you or me.
The rich man sat with all his greed,
Upon his fragile dreams.

One day this man will grow old,
His children will not mourn.
For like the elephant they’ll not forget,
The torment he made them hold.

My heart aches for this man of wealth
Alone in his lonely world;
Alone with his house of gold,
Not a soul for him to scorn.

Now he lies in the world he reaped
As lonely as could be;
None of his children in his life,
For he dealt himself in greed.

The Rich Man by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Tuesday, February 13

Enchanted Forest

I travel as the gypsies seek
A place of vision where trees do speak.
Enchanted lands with trees of old,
Silent as ghost with trunks of coal.
     Do you see the place I seek?

Air so crisp as the ocean breeze
I find myself in your mystery.
Enchanted lands where humble meet,
Your guiding light to the realm we seek.
     Do you see what I see?

Creatures hidden within your limbs,
You’re lifeless as winter comes in.
Striped of beauty in surreal landscape,
You speak as winds howl through your veins.
     Do you hear or does silence fall?

Fire torched you black as night
Cut you down to your birthright,
A path you leave for one to follow
     Do we stay or do we follow?

Enchanted visions yet I seek,
I step in past the unseen gate.
A forest floor as snowy white,
A dream I seek a surreal escape.
     Do you see the dream I speak?

Enchanted Forest has transpired,
Each and all to acquire.
The vision seen upon this page,
Enchanted Forest, now engage!

Enchanted Forest by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, January 17

Paradigm of Iniquity

Tears flood my soul with torment.
The unjust live in the harmonization of evil.
This world, a place I no longer want part of.
The paradigm of iniquity is beseeched upon us.

Horror lives upon our every breath.
Predators stalk as vultures consume the corpses.
Justice sees with eyes concealed by fire
Accepting wickedness without hesitation.

God’s glory betrayed by the inadequate,
Belligerently aggressive to moral righteousness.
Indoctrinated into the world’s realm of misery,
Waiting to burn in an eternity of condemnation.

No mercy do I seek for these creatures of wickedness!
The indignation of wrath seeks to destroy these abominations.
Their souls tormented in an eternal sea of smoldering torture,
For death is the only article these malicious warrant.

Paradigm of Iniquity by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse