Wednesday, May 27

Find Their Way

Greatness comes from within,
From mighty men born into sin.
They find their way
In the Truth each day,
Wandering through
– Rivers of dismay.

Find Their Way by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, May 24

I Take What is not Mine

Lord, I take what is rightfully yours,
I dance the night right across the floors.
I refuse to give to your earthly stores:
I take what is yours so I can explore.

I do not give to those that are in need;
I give to myself out of earthly greed.
I break the promise you ask me to keep,
To help everyone in desperate need.

I beg you remove my heart of darkened stone,
Teaching me to obey the ways you condone;
Showing me your will,
Instead of my own.

Please remove my contention that is set;
Give to me, or pay another's debt.
My heart has turned into hardened stone,
Earthly idols – won’t leave me alone.

Teach me, Lord, how to share, even more,
Test my heart in helping out the poor;
Giving to those who live dire need,
Giving with a heart that is empty of greed.

Allow me to help those in dire need,
Especially the orphans, the windows and the weak.
For plenty, you have given,
And greatly I’ve received.

I Take What is not Mine by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Friday, May 15

I Wait

As I gaze into the face of death,
She veils her eyes from me.
She ignores my pleas for sanity,
As I live in this earthly calamity.

Suicide binds my mind
As pain torments
My each waking hour;
Like a cold winters night
     – Frozen –
In a motionless state
Of chaos and terror!

Will peace ever show his face
Like in the days of old?

Will he ever let life ease these sorrows
Of trauma from this unjust world?

Is torment the only face
That I will ever know
From this day forward
     – Waiting –
Until the day that I drift
Away from this fallen
     Empty place
      – Called home –

I Wait by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Friday, May 8


She torments without mercy;
She disregards color and creed;
She arrives without warning:
And when her trigger sings,
You're lifeless –
Your existence begins to cease.

She hunts without pity;
She destroys like a disease.
She strips away your sanity
As she inflicts with her deeds.

She cares not for the needy,
Nor the humble, or the weak;
She enjoys your cries for mercy
As she destroys your will to be.

She is ruthless; she's never-ending,
No boundaries does she keep:
She comes without a warning,
Carrying vengeance to her feast.

I pray she ends her afflictions,
Her tortures terrorize me.
I pray she ceases her anger:
I am shallow, broken and weak
From the heartache she does bring.

Death by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, May 2


Violent spinning brings me to my knees;
Excruciating spirals are all I see.
Right to the floor, I drop and plead
      – Stop this torture that has stricken me.

I plead and pray this spinning will cease,
G-d please help this pain release.
On the floor, I scream and weep
      – Vertigo your killing me!

Vertigo by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse