Wednesday, April 25

Yes my darling

Isolated within my mind, are thoughts of a friend,
     a lover, a beautiful wife.

Looking back on days gone by
     when we would sit and gaze past twilight
On ocean sands, sitting, waiting, counting every seventh wave,
Violet skies with shades of red,
     we watch as the ocean currents break;
Every seventh wave, a look, a kiss, an embrace.

You gaze into the oceans light
     as stars wander across a velvet night,
Our eyes embrace; we kiss, sheltered in the heavenly moonlight,
Untouched from these days gone by,

I reminisce about these signs of love.
Down the shores, along the waters edge
On the sands,
     we walked through the waters swirling beneath our feet.

Yes, my darling, I love you, I do.

Yes my darling by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, April 21


Time comes and goes as night falls.
Memories live and thrive throughout your mind.
Departed souls no longer speak, nor listen,
Yet recall within your mind and you will surely find.

Moments shared, past and forgotten
Etched in the mind as ice caresses its form.
Yet no thoughts allowed of past correlations,
Ignored and forgotten, a friendship mourned.

Memories fade, yet thrive inside,
Hidden away in a place as dark as night;
Nowhere seen, secured in obscurities,
they remain untouched.

Friends? Once upon a time the best of;
Cherished, only now to be forgotten.
Distant, never to speak again,
Yet through memories each one lives.

Time passes, the seasons change,
Years fade as ships sail the lonely seas.
Time lost to years forgotten,
Friendships torn through mistaken realities.

Can one regain that which was lost,
Can communication rekindle with the broken heart,
Can time reclaim the memories once shared,
Or does the silence shroud the severed heart?

Time will heal or destroy the many,
Yet time is what brings the best.
A friendship strong as the glacier peaks,
Yet fragile as ice shattering to the earth beneath.

Will time heal the broken hearted,
Or are wills so strong none will forgive?
These answers I seek, yet do not know,
I cannot see inside ones soul.

Has time healed that which was broken,
Or is a friendship lost with the unspoken?

Friendship by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Be Mine

On this special day of love,
My mind fills with thoughts of you.
Life and laughter cannot carry,
All the memories we walked through.

A special day of love and happiness
will add memories that will never perish;
Memories filled with love so true,
Knowing together, a lifetime, we will cherish.

Like oceans filled with current blue,
Skies laced in white hues,
My heart beats red, full of life,
My soul fills with delight anew.

The world without you
Is one I cannot comprehend;
The thought without you near,
Is a thought that brings bitter end.

Trials may have stricken our hearts,
But we strive, not allowing to break us apart;
For together we stand, we do not fall,
We will not perish in the world’s black arts.

For today, from now till dawn

We will gaze upon one another
Remembering the times we spent together,
We embrace; we kiss one another.

Be mine, my special Valentine,
On this day of love.
Let us cherish as lovers love,
Be mine on this day of love.

Happy Valentines Day,
My Dear dove.

Be Mine by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

The Progression of Hate

Melancholy mesmerizes American debate,
Illicit idiosyncrasies isolate our mental state,
Revulsion runs rigorously throughout our veins,
Prescriptions of peril to sooth our pains.

Society solicits immigration reform,
Political pandering patronizes our form,
Foreign nationalists strip away our rights,
Corporate corruption capitalizes illegal worker plight.

Citizens’ request catapult to clever discussions,
Administration in charge rules with unrighteous repercussions,
Politicians in power pulverize the politically incorrect,
Forced to accept animosity upon their arrogant request.

Americans forced to educate their replacements,
If they refuse their severance is wasted.
Out of occupation, oscillating with depression,
Homeless with hatred by corporate repression.

Illegals believing their false convoluted perception,
Taking for granted our constitutional inception,
Fallaciously ferocious towards our forefathers foundations,
Reaping rewards from our American traditions.

This progression of hate destroys without worry,
Capitalist corrupt and Americans in fury,
Government deceit erases our glory,
Americans in awe with abhorrent worry.

We have entered the days of our pre-Revolutionary ways.

The Progression of Hate by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

Machine Shop #3

Walking through our presents past,
With relics lost to forgotten time,
A distant world where beauty dies,
Complexity and rhythm ‘round my mind.

Wheels compete to and fro,
Diagonal lines – four-way split.
Visions of confusion swirl about,
A grasp of reality, a simple twist.

Large, small, front to back,
Draws your eye – visual impact.
Spinning tops what do we see?
Disc of industry will be seen!

Competition, forging, metal pipes,
Iron, chains and railroad ties,
Builds the train – our industrialized lives,
Captured here in black and white.

Past now in present time,
Relics being conceptualized.
Modern world co-exists,
Machine Shop Three, immortalized!

Machine Shop #3 by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse