Wednesday, April 29

Plurality of Man

The plurality of man,
none understands;
     for on Friday, he will enlighten,
     then on Monday he will frighten.

The example will be seen,
in the defense that he sings,
when his tardiness is challenged.

Will he be a combatant,
or a man of enlightenment?

One will never understand, man.

Plurality of Man by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, April 26

Sunday Service

Eight o'clock Sunday morning kids up, dressed and ready for church. The family huddles for the morning hug. Once done dad yells, "BREAK!" as they sprint to the van. Baby in the back, teens in the middle, mom and dad sitting front and center. Dad storms off to church as mom screeches, "What beautiful children, we have my dear!".

Thirty minutes later they arrive. Worried they were going to be late for the special ceremony, dad smiled at the children and said, "Wait here for mommy and me, we will be right back."

Exiting the van, hand in hand, they make their way to the church. Upon entering, mom glances back, waves, and then close the doors behind her. Turning towards the altar, she draws the shotgun out from under her skirt. As she waits anxiously, dad continues forward. He steals the money from the offering plates, shoving it into his pockets. Before the reverend finished the prayer, dad tabulated the earnings and yelled, "What a blessing the Lord has presented this day!"

Frighten by the yell, a baby awakens screaming in terror. Immediately, the clergymen spring to their feet, noticing offering plates scattered upon the floor, and a man dressed like a priest running down the center aisle towards the door. Not grasping what has happened, they yell, "Stop! Call the police, we have a thief in the house of God!"

Before another word was expired, mom fired, blasting Jesus and the crucifix. Dad plummeted to the floor as he watched in horror as the cross decapitated the preacher. In that instance, they knew arrest was inevitable. They would be incarcerated; taken to the midlands for execution.

This idea, they were not entertaining.

Into the van, without a sound, dad rushed off. With the accelerator pinned, he drove like an asshat on crack. Two red lights, then four, hitting ninety miles an hour, blowing by the cops, the pursuit was on. Dad screamed, "Good Lord, were through!" Heading for the freeway, he accelerated to evade the cops. Veering in and out of traffic he smashed everything in sight. He thought for sure this would stop them. But not this time, the police closed in, they were determined.

Knowing it was only a matter of seconds before they were apprehended, he laughed sadistically as he looked to his children, and then his wife, screaming, "They're not taking us alive."

Sunday Service by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Friday, April 24

Need It Now

Nefarious hearts do their part,
Enticing many to stray.
Engaging the mind ... to intertwine,
Deleterious effects at play.

Idle intentions summons its reference,
Tempting you to stray;

     Never ending scenes
     Of incalescent dreams,
     Waiting for you to betray.

Need It Now by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, April 22

My Anxiety

She is like the undercurrent
swirling beneath the sea,
striking in an instance
she'll bring you to your knees.

She enters in the evening
or during the morning breeze,
for time has no barrier,
against this ravenous beast.

She peels away your sanity
like the leaf upon the tree;
fading into oblivion,
withering within the breeze.

For she comes when not expected,
to do the one thing she does well …
to take away your sanity,
to bring you under her spell.

My Anxiety by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Monday, April 20

Never Far Away

In route,
hot pursuit;
     a traffic stop,
     a coffee shop,
     then the unexpected:
          "I let my guard down
          for a split second
          and was attacked
          by a damn goon!"

New mindset,
a self check;
     danger set – at arms stretch;
          it's never far away;
               always pray …
               to return home,
               each and every day.

Never Far Away by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, April 18

Modern Day Rome

Running away
from modern day Rome,
my soul is knackered as I roam;
     far from the city I do flee,
     but every place I seek,
     their eyes are on me.

In this land where we once were free,
we live in a prison, so serene;
     serving corporations
     upon our knees,
     as they finance prisons
     from sea to sea.

I gesticulate,
for all to see
serfdom fate in which they'll be.

self-entitled ignorance
blinds their means.

Modern Day Rome by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Friday, April 17

Bachelor Party

With the courtesan now dressed in her jammies,
the man looked on with insanity;

     Her waist was patched,
     with a big note attached –
     stating, "I have a case of the clap!"

What can he conceive,
for his wedding night scene,
that will be had, in less than an hour!

Bachelor Party by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, April 15

A Teenage Son

My dear young son,
what have you done,
I fear you wont pass twenty.

Your out drinking wine,
smoking joints of every kind,
doing whatever your heart inclines.

God knows I did try,
to make you happy and kind,
but it seems I failed in my trying.

But now my dear son,
please stop drinking your rum,
and come back to your dear ole pa.

For my hair has gone gray,
as I ah worrying each day
if you will make home or be dead in a grave.

My heart is about done,
your ma ... a feeble one,
we both pray you'll live past today.

A Teenage Son by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Tuesday, April 14


One Friday night Sally was home alone. She danced to the tunes of her favorite Beatles album as she prepared for the auctions. She packed every single knick-knack she knocked off around the neighborhood, with care. Tomorrow, come noon, she will score big. In those boxes sat a gold mine of cash.

Startled by a flash, she turns viewing the emergency alert, "Rapist escaped, last seen on Downey Street, armed and dangerous!"

At once, she ran and locked the doors and windows, waiting with the shotgun by her side. Thirty minutes later a knock, a click - the lock got picked. Sally stood fast, waiting to teach this pervert a lesson. As the door crept open, she seized her assailant's attention; stripping and spinning as the sick bastard watched and sung a melody to bring fear. But to his surprise, she grabbed him, shoving the defender of death into his gut, forcing him to masturbate. And when he least expected it, she reached in — SLASH, CUT — pureed at high speed, right into a cup.

With the barrel pointed, taking his last breath, he forced himself to drink. BANG — she blew out his chest.

Eleven o'clock news — Rapist found dead.

Sally by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, April 12


The mind of a madman
is set to his hand,
like a fire enraged by a fan.

His enormity began,
when they refused his demand:
the mind of a madman.

For he acts on his plan,
to decimate the land,
like a fire enraged by a fan.

The run of his span
is destruction that's planned:
the mind of a madman.

So as according to plan,
none could withstand,
like a fire enraged by a fan.

For when his day began,
his madness was grand -
the mind of a madman:
like a fire enraged by a fan.

Lunatic by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Friday, April 10

My Chemical Warfare

Medical practitioners,
and the health profession
     - GUILTY -
showing arrogance!

"my chemical warfare",
he exclaimed,
was of ethics;
cyanide capsules for suicide!

The judgment,
continue - case dismissed.

My Chemical Warfare by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, April 8

I Love You

Isolated from within your reach, I

Long for the day to once again meet; I
Offset the emptiness within my soul, as I
Vicariously await your tender hold - that I
Envision with each passing phase, of the moon. I

Yearn for the time to hold you near, as I
Obediently await, I am drenched in tears. For I,
Under the nights full light, just wait, just wait; for you and I.

I Love You by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, April 5


The end of the game,
the batter needs fame –
the pitch, the swing, the ball sings;

     blazing by, the shortstops cry,
     the crowds shocked;
          an update:
               Animal heading for home plate!

Holy hell, the runner expels
as he's edified rounding third base.
     He slides – an elephant trampled his face!

Homerun by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Friday, April 3

I’m Sorry, Not!

     Blame Game;
Never my fault:
     I narrate using lies;
Zero accountability;
     – Sorry

I’m Sorry, Not! by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, April 1

I Ate My Valentine

The day became an inferno of rage,
for you took my heart, melting it away
from the blow you dealt on this cherished day.
So now do pray they will lock me away.

For when I come like a devil in flight,
I will snatch your soul, from your useless life;
sending you home to where the flame burns bright;
a never ending torture filled with strife.

And please do not sit and dare ask me why
I have this sensation wrecking my mind.
For on this day, you hung me out to dry,
as you shattered my dreams and stole me blind.

So on this Valentines day I will feast,
eating your flesh like a shark shredding meat.

I Ate My Valentine by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse