Wednesday, March 7


The angles sing in the clouds above,
Our guardians in the heavens,
They whisper to us each passing night,
Comforting our hearts of mourning.

We lie in awake with prayers to God
Asking to heal his child.
Your body weak and the Angles speak,
You press on for a short while.

You finally come, lay to rest,
Your trials now forgotten;
God brings You into His loving arms,
Comforting You, His child.

Your soul withdraws to the heavens above,
You embark upon your journey:
A new life, a new day, a new age
– An afterlife without worry.

And though on this day of rest
Your spirit leaves our world,
With each and every one of us,
Your loving memory endures.

Dora by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse