Tuesday, March 15

Another Day

Green blades,
Blue days,
Yellow flowers
Begin to tower.

Warm days
Set the stage,
The birds pray
To the golden rays.

Life begins
With musical whims;
The trees spin,
The apricots live.

The sun sets,
The wind jets
Across the sky,
The day went by.

Another Day by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Monday, March 7

A Decade of Living

For the past decade, I've been locked away
Forgetting how to live each and every day.

And yet I believed I was living my life,
But rather I lived in a virtuous strife.

It beat me down as the tunnel closed in;
My lens grew thin, my mind begun to spin.

I couldn’t recall how to see the light;
I only drifted in a terrifying flight.

Demons ravaged every corner of my brain
Like a train slipping past her main:

Slipping the line until she collides
– Everyone on board is no longer alive.

A decade of living is what I thought I saw;
A decade of dying is what I just recalled.

A Decade of Living by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Friday, March 4

You Win, We’ll Leave

Tip top are the words he would say,
Ordering all – to win his way;
Didn’t matter in whom he harmed,
Disingenuously he would charm.

Yielding to his outright deception,
Oasis of promise was his invention.
Ulterior motives – his only intention.

Without contrition, he flowered his seeds,
Implanting the heart just like the weed
Narcissistically nurturing his golden scheme.

You Win, We’ll Leave by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, March 2

Springs Coming

Long lines intertwine,
Sunlit vines embrace the sky.
Blue light, sonic boom:
How beautiful, the vines bloom.

Springs Coming by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Monday, February 29


Class warfare;
A political prize
Seated in constitutional disguise.


The socialist alibi;
    Eradication of your private life
    By any means –
        Even your demise.

For Blue or Red equals your dead.
No sides, just pure suicide
Of the Western way of life.

By the way,
Your next presidential race,
Don’t worry its too late.

So even if you choose
Your fate is already set
In headline news
By what the elite said is true
For the American
    – The red, white and abused.

Politics by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, February 27


Only skin deep.
Use and regard them not;
Disgusting individual.

Beauty by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, February 25


Todays society
Is Western sobriety
Of where left is right,
Lets enlighten this plight;

Rape is delight,
A loved filled device.

Murder depends
On the one who bends
The rules to what is right;
    Abortion is good,
    But death of an animal
    Will bring your doom.

Either way
It is just a tool
To brainwash the fools.

So then,
Pick up a pen
And a book instead.

What you read;
Don’t fall into the trap
That will leave you for dead;
A place without end.

Society by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Tuesday, February 23

One in the Same

1920 and 2015,
Methods were used
To cause the extreme.

Violence and terror
Reigning the streets free,
But not from the people
Living among the seas.

For in the 20’s, Lenin ran free,
But in the 21st century
The West reigns supreme.

Same policies,
Same political disease.
The only difference,
The implementation of ideas.

One stained blue,
With fifty shades of red.
The other - an Eastern green light,
Where all were left for dead.

One in the Same by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, February 21

Upon a Hill

Upon a hill, young men died
As battlefield ballistics clarified
When the afterworld breathed new life.

For upon that hill, a battle engaged:
Crimson colored pools
Drank the blood of the brave.

Rotted bodies became the terrain;
Their coffin, the earth where they lay.
Life exchanged for political gain.

Upon a Hill by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Friday, February 19

A Nation Apart

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King
Fought to free us from slavery.
Yet with each generation, since they been gone,
We enter back into the harem of harm;

    Spilling of the lip,
    Smoking the joints,
    Sipping back the fifties
    As we smoke our bros:
       We’ve become the slaves
       They died to free,
       While the socialist machine
          - Enslaves on our knees.

How can we not begin to see,
With all their webs spinning on local TV?

And as they spin their silky silver scenes
Everybody starts to complain and scream:
Bought and sold by the corrupt elite.

When we will realize these hell bent scenes
Are their lies built to bring us to our knees,
Back to servitude under unjust kings:
    Rather than unify
    They proceed to divide,
    Playing with societies
    Ignorant minds:
       Believing everything
       These political pigs sing,
       The people follow blind
       Into their surmise:
          Death by divide.

G-d forbid the day the two died,
Were murdered for a cause the people despise;
    Today societies don’t believe the dream
    Of unity with full-blown peace.
    Instead, they believe
    In hellbent corporate greed:
       Take from the rich
       And give it to me.
       After all,
       I'm entitled don’t you see.

Rest in peace,
I repeat to their dream
For it passed away
Before it could breathe:
    Out like a light
    With no place to shine,
    Society today is ignorant and blind.

Goes mankind,
    The apple of our eye
       Has finally died.

A Nation Apart by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, February 17

Back to the Factories

When a government,
Needs to change the scene
Breaking away
From a countries creed,

Here is a little trick
From the communist regime,
And trust me,
It's easier than it seems.

Start by expanding a tax,
Make it unbearable, make it black:
Then take away
Their voice to attack.

Next place signs with one decree:
“Speak out against the mighty regime,
And watch what happens at a quarter to three”.

Then as folks protest and scream,
Collect just a handful of the resolute sheep.

Line them up: one, two, three;
A bullet to the head,
They descend to their knees;

Down in the ground
Anyone will be
If they dare question
The terror machine.

Silence falls,
The protest cease:
The party advances
With minimal casualties.

Back to the factories,
Go the worker bees.

Back to the Factories by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Monday, February 15

Sir Eschen

At the delicatessen, self-confession.
A sissy spoke with obsession
About the murderer Sir Eschen;
He killed with discretion:
Taking fang in possession
He pummeled with aggression
All his victims in succession;
Leaving no trail nor confession
Of death by man's expression:
Police affirmed transgression,
Teeth penetrated: wolf like impression.
His whereabouts – without suggestion.
What is known by progression
Is he eats with wolf-like aggression
Before he kicks off his next session.
Dear ole Mr. Eschen.

Sir Eschen by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, February 13

Miss the Mark

To miss the mark is not a sin,
Yet that is what the West plays in;
    No forgiveness is their dark creed:
    Believe in a man to absolve your deed.

For what they cannot see
Is that sin is not a mystery: 
    It is nothing more than to miss a mark,
    So then practice is where one must start.

Like the archer on the scene
He must focus on the tree,
To hit the mark or lose the game,
That my friend is the archers way.

Daily practice is what one needs
If he must continue to shoot serene. 
Otherwise, he will not see;
He will lose his edge and miss the tree.

Miss the Mark by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, February 11

Communism IV

An act of G-d,
Or man-made lies?
Peer back in time:
    1918 comes to mind when we realized
    That famines were recipes designed
    For large scale genocide, to end mankind.

Yet, when we close our eyes
Not seeing the events gone by,
The government pushes new lines:
    “GMO” to bring life!

When in actuality it brings our demise,
Just like the past Communist designed:
    A machine for mass genocide
    For controlling the worlds food supply;
        Plant once, the seed dies,
        Never again to reinitialize
        The fruit of its youth.
        For they are designed, to die.

But why?
    To feed the congressional pig,
    And the corporate swine
    Who implants the golden dimes
    Into every politicians pockets.

    Because nothing changes over time.
    Same design with a different implementation line,
    Just like what Stalin tried.

As long as power succeeds
Above the worlds needs,
Congress will steer their citizens to their knees,
And into the graves they will be.

Same line,
But the only difference
    – The time.

Communism IV by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Tuesday, February 9


I hate to be the barren of bad news,
But your mind is seriously confused;
There is no White or Black coastline,
It is just America – our countryside.

It is a place
   Where one can be free
- Or -
   Live caught up
   In the propaganda machine
   That divides like the ax to the tree,
   Producing slaves bending at the knee:
       Buying the lie that freedom is free,
       Without any personal responsibility.

America by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, February 7

The Ole Oak Tree

Shinning the ole oak tree,
in the middle of day,
trying to flee
a tsunami wave – times three!

Slipping, busting his knee;
damn blinding sun, he couldn’t see.

Now, the papers read,
"Service for the Man with Busted Knee".

The Ole Oak Tree by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Friday, February 5


Clouds sweep over the mountains:
Hovering, preparing attack;
Avoiding all accountability,
Negotiating with none,
Grief lies within their path:
Explosions – transformation begins.

Change by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, February 3

A New Year

A new year and a new day;
   time to pursue today
   with a new mind,
   that is positive each day.
Negative dismay;
   replaced with encouragement
       … each and every day.

A New Year by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Monday, February 1


To instill tyrannical rule,
it’s done without being cruel.
First you start to repress free speech
teaching others what they should preach.

Secondly, the newspapers cease
until they print the golden piece
praising the party and their king,
manipulating all to sing.

Thirdly, the radio must die
unless it spreads the regimes lie:
the party brings positive change
by implementing an exchange.

Fourth but not least you lose your keep,
stripped away like shearing a sheep;
everything gained, everything earned
… given away to the unlearned.

Finally, at the turn of dawn
a new constitution was drawn;
a new age will begin this day;
freedom has just dwindled away.

Dictatorship by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, January 31

The Injection

We briefly chant,
as the moonlight slants
down the veins of our wrists.

And as we slump
on the porcelain stump
we inject the gaudy clump.

For it brings us life
from our days of lies
as we tumble into its bliss.

And while we cry,
as our days drift by,
we swear — only One more time.

Yet, as limbo sets in
we begin to binge
as we deeply breath and sigh.

For as we exhale
the dealer spoke tales
of the papers we did sign.

But little did we know
the injection we sown
was the One that brought our demise.

The Injection by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, January 30

The Couch

Ten at night with the temperature sitting above hundred and ten, the air conditioner just short-circuited. The outside air – motionless. Perspiration flowed; it was hell with no end in sight.

Then an idea!

We stole the neighbor's couch; shredded it and lined her with plastic painters sheets. Once done, we filled her up.

Instant body cooler. We climbed in, watched TV and drank our beers in glory.

Ninety minutes later a knock, it was the police. The issue, we were on probation. If caught, nine months in the big house.

We would need to burn that couch.

The Couch by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, January 27


Standing upon the ferocious sea
as waves encompass about my knees,
I sit and stare at the tragedy 
of societies belligerent greed.

People stalk as they drop their lines,
hooking items not worth a dime;
what does it matter if they can’t eat
as long as they snatch that worthless treat.

And when these concrete seas collide
will they see the Western lie?
For no fish will be left to eat,
from these barren concrete sheets.

I pity these peoples with their moral disease
who strive each day to fill this creed:

   "I'll buy want I want, 
   but not what I need”.

For they all bought into the American dream
of the bastardized Western decayed scene.

So remember when you buy that toy
or a bag of groceries filled with joy,
that when these concrete seas run dry
you choose to rely on the American lie.

Shopping by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Monday, January 25


Light after light
I sit in strife
as life passes on by.

Then I go,
and stop once more.
I can’t get through the lights!

Three times red,
I’m still not ahead …
sitting where I stopped.

Fifteen minutes later
I edge a little straighter,
over the crosswalks line!

Traffic by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Friday, January 22

The Teenage Life

I’m seventeen and I’ll live as I please
without consideration for authority.
For my life is free with its psychedelic dreams,
of smoking my pot and doing as I please.

And if I drink … a quart of wine,
steal a fifth, or smoke one joint at a time,
who will dare cease me? for remember,
I’m just a teen who can do as I please,
and no one can do shit to me.

So a slap on the wrist and a grin on my face;
a flip of the bird – a waste of my day.
I stroll outside under the heavenly blue sky;
I light up my joint as I lift it to the sky.

For why? Remember what you told me:
I am just a teen and I won’t do time,
even if someone drops the dime.

So please stop bugging me,
it’s time to steal more wine.

The Teenage Life by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, January 20

Warning Signs

a law passes by
under a medical guise
    – these are warning signs
now when you speak, with free speech
you’ll end up in jail to die.

Warning Signs by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Monday, January 18

The World Judges

As the world gazes into my eyes,
she glances for a brief moment in time
at someone she conceives as fine
– paying no heed to the anguish inside.

She has no regard for the agony within
that is destroying, killing, tearing limb from limb:
like a guillotine severing the head of its victim
as it departs into a realm … of none existence.

She lacks any sense of humanity
as she judges with reckless insanity;
   gazing into my eyes of dejection
   she looks at a book by its cover,
   but hasn’t read a single expression.

She refuses to understand my position,
but rather judging with unjust suppositions:
as I cope with the poison marring my brain
I live in a time of great disdain
as I look for love or a friend of understanding;
   Love me,
   Cherish me,
   Stretch out your hand …
   to me — and see … me,
   the one who I am.

For I, I am in need of a friend,
not ignorant rejection
with a conversation that ends;
   try, but for a moment to set in my shoes
   seeing the paths in which I have stood,
   knowing the thoughts inside my mind,
   before you judge
   without understanding
   … my mind.

The World Judges by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, January 16

Uneasy Dreams

No sleep,
uneasy dreams;
stealing my sanity;
one step towards the mental ward
– Deranged!

Uneasy Dreams by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, January 14

The Country Home

It was a beautiful country house with a dark history. But the Williams didn’t care. They only thought of one thing, tripling their investment from this mansion that sat upon a hundred acres.

Ignoring the warnings, they sold everything and purchased it.

A year later, it was time to cash in. The house went up for sale. However, unlike the Williams, the potential buyers heeded the warnings.

You see, this mansion used to be a single story brothel. Men would satisfy themselves, and then dismember their victims. The remains were molded into lumber.

And from this, the mansion stands.

The Country Home by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Tuesday, January 12

Suicide II

Suicide is not the cowards way out,
it is a way some choose to escape
the harshness of their everyday fate;
   their subjected to hate;
   no one relates:
   beat up, torn down
   day after day
   with no break …
      of the horror
      in which they face,
      on a daily base.

Once one is numb the game is done,
and many succumb to the tone of the drum
that will bring peace to the bullied life;
   a gun to the head,
   or an overdose in bed,
   or maybe, just maybe …
      a razor to run deep
      to bleed until dead.

But praise be to God if they speak of the rod
that brought their fate of self loathing hate;
   They came to you to speak true,
   to a friend who never considered them as one.

And whatever you do just listen true
to the words their breath spews,
for they are standing …
between this world and the next.
It’s you that will make the difference.

So listen all night
to help find their plight;
   offer a hand and a kiss on the cheek;
   hold them tight and be concrete.

Their life lies
in the tone that you sing
when you speak in truth,
   without abuse
      – but with love.

Suicide II by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, January 10

Weak Smile

A handshake;
the unspoken words
are gesture that speak.

eye contact
and a weak smile
creates discussions
of distrust.

Weak Smile by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Friday, January 8

What Have I Done

What have I done
as I watched the years fly by:
      on why?

A lie;
   a life stolen in my prime
   by a corporate reality where I will die
   watching the arrow of the clock sling by;
      round and round and round it goes
      until I shrivel into a man with no home.

I wait for why?
   The corporate lie.

Day and night passes by
as I sit at the desk and die:
   in the grave I sit and dream,
   nine to five – not serene.
   Instead I live for the corporate king,
   filling their greed
   as my life passes by
   before my eyes.

I must break free from this lie;
the corporate alibi:
   work for me,
   and I will set you free
   to live your dreams.
   That is the tune they sing.

But me,
I’ll break free.
For my spirit cannot be bound
by the corporate chains of greed.

That life is no longer for me.
I’m done, I’ll stand free,
I won’t stay on my knees;
   I will live free
   and no longer wait for the lie
   they want me to believe;
      I’ll create my own destiny
      and breath!

What Have I Done by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, January 7

The Face of Disgrace

Different countries,
you’d think different folks.
Yet at the end of the day
they roll on the same spokes.

European powers embraced the slave trade,
while the French Republic colonized every damn day.

The United States exterminated the Native whole,
as the Germans annihilated the Jewish souls.

Stalin loved to produce man made famines,
while Mao executed to bring his earthly canons.

The Ottoman extinguished the Armenians,
while Italy slaughtered the Ethiopians.

And even with the Swiss who sat in the middle
entered the game of gold administration
from the Jews the Nazis cremated.

And if you believe your country is safe
realize they have a commonplace;
death for political power and elimination of a race.

The Face of Disgrace by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, January 6

Stranger in the Mirror

The stranger in the mirror,
    is me;
        a fun loving gypsy,
        a spirit free!

Unafraid to live;
    chasing my dreams,
    surrounding myself
        with sunbeams;

For you see,
    I’m not bound to the world
    of make-believe;
        you know,
        the one …
            their version of reality.

Stranger in the Mirror by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Tuesday, January 5


When did it begin,
or may I say end;
   I fell, yet I stood tall;
   I died, yet I once lived for all.

But now I live as if dead;
no friends, no end
   - I can no longer defend.

Am I alive, or dead?
I cant decide, nor can I pretend
to make amends ... with anyone.

So then, do I live and struggle without end,
or do I live as if I’m already dead?

For this life can spin into a barbaric trend,
or end up leaving me lifeless and dead …
even when I have tried –
to just get by.

God knows I died, and I have tried,
   so I must decide
      – do I live or die?

I wont decide,
for either way
I’m dead;
life passes by without end.

When by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Sunday, January 3


The “Great Leap Forward”,
a famine in disguise;
The “Nuremberg Trials”,
bodies lined the skies.

A mother and her child;
a bullet through her eye
was the work of the nazis
and the communist ties;

Organized terror
    orchestrated demise …
        set in the darkness of daylight.

Organized by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Friday, January 1


No joke;
    Mix with coke.

Up the nose
or in the lungs,
either way,
your done.

Don’t worry,
It’ll suck;
    Cancer just began.

Smoke by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse