Tuesday, January 12

Suicide II

Suicide is not the cowards way out,
it is a way some choose to escape
the harshness of their everyday fate;
   their subjected to hate;
   no one relates:
   beat up, torn down
   day after day
   with no break …
      of the horror
      in which they face,
      on a daily base.

Once one is numb the game is done,
and many succumb to the tone of the drum
that will bring peace to the bullied life;
   a gun to the head,
   or an overdose in bed,
   or maybe, just maybe …
      a razor to run deep
      to bleed until dead.

But praise be to God if they speak of the rod
that brought their fate of self loathing hate;
   They came to you to speak true,
   to a friend who never considered them as one.

And whatever you do just listen true
to the words their breath spews,
for they are standing …
between this world and the next.
It’s you that will make the difference.

So listen all night
to help find their plight;
   offer a hand and a kiss on the cheek;
   hold them tight and be concrete.

Their life lies
in the tone that you sing
when you speak in truth,
   without abuse
      – but with love.

Suicide II by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse