Wednesday, November 11

If I Could

If I could get away with murder,
this is what I'd do;
into the forest we would set loose,
to play a little game between us two.

Hide and seek would be our little plan,
without you ever knowing what was at hand.

For as you counted, from one to ten,
as the numbers ticked with every minute spanned,
I would slide behind the tree where you stood
gliding the rope around your neck, so crude.

Inch by inch, I would squeeze your breath
until unconsciousness brought you closer to death.
And onto the tree you would be tied,
covered with honey from the bee hive.

Next I would rustle a hungry brown bear,
leading her, to a treat so rare.
Then in an instance you would awake,
as you watched her bringing you to your fate.

Limb by limb, she would tear,
as I watched you screaming in agonizing fear.
And when she was done with her little golden treat
I would cut the rope as you slumped to your knees.

Twenty-four hours after the deed was done,
I would call the police with a story so deep;
my friend and I were on a weekend trip,
he took a wrong turn and slipped down a cliff;
     tumbling down he lay limp by a cave,
     just like a man dead in a grave.
     Then before I could let out my breath,
     I watched in horror as the beast brought death;
          she ate my friend while he was alive!
          This would be my perfect alibi!

If I Could by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse