Sunday, March 22

Case Closed

When Megan was young, she heard whispers everywhere. Many believed it to be the devil, others swore spirits of the dead. They didn't realize this was a gift, a gift allowing her to transcend time.

As the years past, the whispers transformed into vocals of rage. They sang of terror, of murder, of mayhem, forcing her to watch as their songs unfolded.

She would cry, "No more! Make it stop!" But the haunting continued. The time arrived for her to welcome this gift.

She joined the force and rose through the ranks. She worked day and night, case after case. Every case assigned; she closed! The felons would plead for mercy; for they knew and dared not challenge. In return, they received life without parole, instead of the electric chair.

Then one day, things changed. She was assigned a case involving a young girl that was beaten and left for dead. The damage was unimaginable. Sickened by the report, she went home and slept until the voices came telling of the horrors.

"Megan, three men entered. The organizer, in his twenties, was whipping the child mercilessly. The second feckless perpetrator suffocated the girl to the point of unconsciousness. The third shattered her eye socket and jaw. They raped her Megan; they left her for dead."

Awoken, she could bear no more. "Justice must prevail!" she cried.

She calls in the lead at once, checks her weapons and heads out. Within sixty minutes, she arrived at their location. She storms the building finding the three men, stinking of whiskey, out cold. One by one, she served them justice. She slit their throats, stretching their tongues through the opening. The mark of a Mafia hit, the Columbian necktie. They each gasped their last breath. Once finished, she fled unseen.

The next morning the newspapers read, "Gang violence: three men found butchered in their apartment."

Her colleagues, aware of her ongoing investigation, worried she may have been one of those murdered during the attacks. When Megan walked into the precinct, relief overwhelmed them.

The case was now closed.

As she headed towards her office, the Captain replied, "Megan, we deal with so many cases that never get resolved. You, however, never stop to amaze me. How could you have known the mob targeted these animals for assassination?"

She turns towards the Captain and smiles as he assigns her the next case.

Case Closed by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse