Saturday, June 27

No Mercy

They prey upon the lost and the weak,
Like the wolf waiting to strike its next feast,
Killing the innocent for the price of their meat
As they pleasure themselves with their sickening creed
     Of sexual fantasy and evil deceit.

These degenerates need to pay with their blood
For the lives they took in the games they call fun.
So slit their wrist and let them bleed dry,
Cut off their foot, and watch them die!

They're a pathetic excuse
For the life that I know;
My hatred grows strong,
My heart turns to stone.
They murder the young
For the price of their fun,
Protected by Law
Are these sickening ones!

I say – strike at their necks,
Take what they hold dear,
Put them in prison
So they’ll die as we cheer!

Pedophiles I weep for the children you keep
In your evil memories of lust and deceit.
And for the crimes you commit,
With your sadistic filled lies,
You should dwell in hell
For the rest of your lives!

No mercy I have
For the crimes that you keep
Against the children,
That you willfully deceived!

An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth,
Into the prison of hell
I pray you shall dwell!

And in this new place
Filled with carnage and rape
You now become the sexual taste
Where they fill their hunger with their disease
     Of sexual fantasy and evil deceit.

So as you cry awake as you lie your hell
Remember the children that you did sell
Into your lies of morbid deceit;
For now you live in complete disbelief
As they rape and pummel with their disease
     Of sexual fantasy and evil deceit.

No Mercy by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Saturday, June 20


Like the ocean,
Wandering endlessly,
Until it strikes the shore
That breaches it crest which explores
The sandy beaches beneath its waters
That brings torment
     – To those –
Caught in the undercurrent
Of every seventh wave.

Time by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

Thursday, June 4

Sit and Stare

I sit and stare at the world within,
Looking through the glass of hate and sin;
A world set into a motionless state,
As lands plummet at accelerated rates.

Good or bad, what difference does it make?
Evil prevails in every single place;
As dark mystery is now the way,
Bringing back pagans to our modern day.

The future leads to a land of doom
Where leaders rule by an evil, full moon.
Hostility sets upon their weary breath
To remove anyone that doesn’t coexist.

The one they call their "Righteous, Holy Light"
Is nothing more than a monster filled with sight
Of hate, persecution, greed and strife;
The four corners leading to Armageddon's plight.

They'll force your life to a hellish fate
If you refuse to, regurgitate
The lies in which they weave,
From the house in which they never leave.

These monsters dwell in cowardly strife;
Waiting to silence anyone's life
That disclaim what they proclaim
Of their chosen one, of change.

So I sit and wait
In a furious feeble state
As they continue to try to re-instantiate
The days before the fatal blow of 1928.

Take heed and understand what is at stake
Of the horror setting forth upon the human race;
They’ll pillage, they'll rape and ferociously mutilate,
If submission is not what you agree to take.

May God have mercy on our torrid souls
To give us the strength as this evil unfolds,
To stand for righteousness and be bold
In these dark days resurrected from old.

Sit and Stare by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse