Saturday, August 7

Babylon Still Speaks

Deception fills this glass shattered life,
Shackles of torment – your only guiding light;
She constricts, she kills, your every waken step,
I weep – blood streams down from my open broken neck.

My blood flows like the serpents sting
Waiting to strike this ten horned king
With flaming darts from my soul; I shall speak.
I’ll cast aside this twisted, vile beast.

A beast whose goal is total insanity
With her modern-day speech of peace and calamity;
Blinding her sheep while they sing to the beast:
   I sigh in turmoil
      – Revenge is all I seek!

I stare and gaze at her lust filled greed
As she encompasses the armies where my fathers’ did grieve.
She sheds their blood from her oil drenched hands;
She desecrates – where the abomination now stands.

Frozen in ice as my gaze still might be
I watch in horror as she conquers the seven seas;
   Smiting the necks of all who disbelieve
   She worships her sadistic fantasies
   As the clay filled beast
         Peace – Peace!

Yet blood flows from this satanic whores reach,
A third of the earth drenched in her false sense of peace;
Ripped and torn the bodies still lie,
   Shallow graves
      – The martyrs die.

Can you see the lies she speaks
As she preaches deception and her false sense of peace?
She tells all to follow her blood-drenched king
To make the choice:
   Death or the beast.
   Babylon still speaks
   – the Satanic vile beast.

Babylon Still Speaks by K. Saitta © 2010, A Walk In Verse

Wednesday, June 30

The Beast

My heart fails me,
My soul deceives me
As my feet grow weary
From the beast around me.

Lies exchanged for truth,
Immoral depraved youth;
   Corrupt filled minds,
   Lust filled eyes -
      Rivers of wretchedness
      Running through their lives.

An era where lawlessness thrives?
Yes, an era where the soul does die.


All roads lead to paradise
The preacher declares to the unwise.

Sexual depravity,
Diseased stricken humanity,
Immoral majesty,
All in the name of self amnesty!


The evil one speaks
With his propaganda speech:
Slaughtering his sheep
With his earth filled deeds
Of one world religion, love and peace!

A new generation,
A new born sheep,
Sleeping in the bosom
With the whores leash.

None will understand,
None will escape her hand:
They all reside in her wretched land,
For death is all they comprehend.

Babylon the adulterer,
Run far away from her:
Run from her religious steeples,
Come out of her – my people!

The Beast by K. Saitta © 2010, A Walk In Verse

Friday, January 29

What Evil Brings

A demon thrives from the ancient of times,
Lighting his way to the present.

Mesmerizing all who are brought to dwell
Upon his twisted barbaric perceptions.

Looking towards the east, this evil one seeks
A creed of his venomous deeds;
     Systematically rising are his teachings of hell,
          Like the sun upon the open sea.

He requires the death of all who fail
In the compulsion of what he preaches;
     Many misled from his heretical spell
     As he deceives in the name of his king.

And if you refuse his spoon fed news
Your death with certainly follow;
     A slit to your throat
     With blunt knife strokes;
          Into your grave
          As a martyr.

What Evil Brings by K. Saitta © 2010, A Walk In Verse