Friday, February 19

A Nation Apart

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King
Fought to free us from slavery.
Yet with each generation, since they been gone,
We enter back into the harem of harm;

    Spilling of the lip,
    Smoking the joints,
    Sipping back the fifties
    As we smoke our bros:
       We’ve become the slaves
       They died to free,
       While the socialist machine
          - Enslaves on our knees.

How can we not begin to see,
With all their webs spinning on local TV?

And as they spin their silky silver scenes
Everybody starts to complain and scream:
Bought and sold by the corrupt elite.

When we will realize these hell bent scenes
Are their lies built to bring us to our knees,
Back to servitude under unjust kings:
    Rather than unify
    They proceed to divide,
    Playing with societies
    Ignorant minds:
       Believing everything
       These political pigs sing,
       The people follow blind
       Into their surmise:
          Death by divide.

G-d forbid the day the two died,
Were murdered for a cause the people despise;
    Today societies don’t believe the dream
    Of unity with full-blown peace.
    Instead, they believe
    In hellbent corporate greed:
       Take from the rich
       And give it to me.
       After all,
       I'm entitled don’t you see.

Rest in peace,
I repeat to their dream
For it passed away
Before it could breathe:
    Out like a light
    With no place to shine,
    Society today is ignorant and blind.

Goes mankind,
    The apple of our eye
       Has finally died.

A Nation Apart by K. Saitta © 2016, A Walk In Verse