Sunday, November 30


Its appears,
as an iceberg
floating upon the sea,
with only its surface shown:
but lingering below,
the depth or breadth is unknown
as it engages for war
upon the voyage
you sojourned.

It builds,
like a volcano ready to explode
upon the island shores,
turning the golden beaches
into dark charcoal magma forms
of lifeless sludge
suffocating all that once was,
under it surface.

It covers,
like a winters snowstorm;
a derailed train off the icy track,
her passengers thrown
into the bitter cold without warning;
unprotected, the elements devouring.

It is vicious,
like the wild beast
set free, hungry, seeking
its next meal to devour instantly
as it tears with its teeth
limb from limb.

It devastates
families, entire communities
without notice,
for it has no soul -
it only seeks to serve itself
as it fuels off of your grief.

It kills,
leaving you empty
with no peace;
only a wooden box
lying at your feet
six foot deep
waiting for you to enter.

Stress defeats,
it lingers beneath,
it builds to explode
to cover in grief.
It is vicious without mercy,
it devastates in disbelief,
it kills everyone eventually.

So please, please,
listen to me
- seek the one thing
that you, that I,
that we all
desperately need,
seek to live fully
and absolutely
stress free.

Stress by K. Saitta © 2014, A Walk In Verse