Tuesday, December 23


I am going out of my blood crazed mind
completely side tracked and blind
by the fury that defeats me on the inside;
my brain, I cant explain
as it erupts in great disdain
from the stain
    - of betrayal.

Screaming in my mind,
I cant get a word in edge wise;
spinning a millions cycles entwined
with rage and anger riveting
    - my spine.

I cant shake this feeling
of a so called friend ripping me in two,
stabbing my back through and through,
betraying all that we once had
for the price of a greenback;
    what a damn joke
    this immoral bloke
    who pretended to be my friend!

The end -
    with this so called friend;
         I'm back to the drawing board,
             with just me
                   and my pen
                        The end!

Betrayed by K. Saitta © 2014, A Walk In Verse