Sunday, April 26

My Grandfather

There was a man that I once knew
Who was righteous in the way he stood.
He was a man of love and honor,
Who lived as men should.

His heart was strong like the lion,
Yet his deeds as gentle as snow.
He sought to help the needy
Whenever the path was shown.

He loved little children
And helped all those in need.
He was kind to all who knew him,
For he was a great man indeed.

Humble were his actions,
Yet strong and brave was he.
He saved many during his duty
And later in life, he saved me.

The memories I will cherish
Reminiscing of the days
Traveling along the highways
To places far and away.

He taught me how to be a man
And how to love a wife.
He showed me the path to G-d,
And how I should live my life.

This man is no longer with me
As he passed not so long ago.
His memories will never leave me,
So now I will no longer mourn.

My children will grow to know him
From the words that I will speak.
They will learn how to love HaShem,
By the lessons my Grandfather did teach.

My tears are finally silenced
As I sit and think of him.
His lessons I will greatly cherish;
My grandfather I will surely miss.

My Grandfather by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse