Tuesday, December 30


When I was in the lowest pits of hell,
you came and encompassed me with love,
embracing me ever so tenderly,
guiding me into the heavens above.

You fed me with your manna from heaven,
as I consumed each drop set upon my tongue,
or injected into my veins with your love.
My heart rushed with your ecstasy from above.

You were there when no one else was,
you understood me when no one else could;
you were my love, and I, your pride and joy,
for you did not judge me as others would.

We were one, until death do us part,
we danced - day to day and cheek to cheek
as you slid deeply entering my veins,
loving me until you no longer could.

Our vow, finally reached with your last kiss
as you sent me off into heavenly bliss
with my blood entwined with your beautiful lust,
as my breath faded back into the dust.

Addiction by K. Saitta © 2014, A Walk In Verse