Monday, December 15

The Race Game

With division, they control,
With control, they displace liberty,
With liberty displaced, they impose tyranny,
With tyranny, they incite hostility,
With hostility, they create separation,
With separation, they control our destiny.

A vicious circle played at your expense,
At your expense they continue to win,
With their winning you play the race game,
With the race game - you lose - they win;

     Ever enslaving your mind,
     as they strip away your pride,
     shaping you into the mold
     of self servitude;
     For you believe their lie
     that this is you verses I,
     when in actuality,
     this is us verses them.

Us - the collective us - society,
the entire public variety
of us, standing as one;
removing the smoke from our minds,
seeing their games of demise:
     games that penetrate our lives
     creating animosity between you and I.

As long as we remain in chains
by their propaganda feigns,
peace will always be strained -
     with only racial hate,
     under their full blown dictator state.

For this was never about race,
but rather control of the surf state
to bring the demise
with you verses I,
as we kill one another
in the name of race.

Let stop this fate
of violence and hate.
And now at this date
  - regardless of color,
    regardless of race,
lets encompasses one another
with love and grace
and stop the hate.

We can stand on our feet
living without defeat,
or die on our knees
under the racial decrees
of a dictator surf state.

For as long as they continue to win
we will lose until death calls us in;
lined up, ready for the grave
choosing to be slaves
with their racial divide
set in motion for our demise.

So choose which side;
you versus I,
where we shall both die?
Or us verses them,
where we will both win,
regardless of skin:
     working together
     like the love of a mother
     embracing one another
     until the end;
          where they lose
          and we win!

The Race Game by K. Saitta © 2014, A Walk In Verse