Sunday, December 14


It constricts
like a chain
wrapped around your neck
smothering out your every breath.

It infuriates
like a hornet stinging
its victim until almost dead;
stretched out, lifeless and on their deathbed.

It incites,
like a raging inferno
going off inside your head,
until every single thought you held, is dead.

Frustration compresses;
it infuriates until your almost dead,
it incites until you to see blood red
making your head regress
with its next episode
of hell bent vehemence
- over nothingness;
     for you did this
     in a fit of fury
     with unthought worry
     of emptiness!

Oh G-d please help
readdress this surge
of aggravation
into cool collected
thoughts of happiness,
so I can digress
from my fury
of worry.

Frustration by K. Saitta © 2014, A Walk In Verse