Sunday, January 11

The Color I See

I see a shade that has no end,
it isn't black, blue, yellow or red.
It comes from the pits of death
where all colors blend - it has no end.

It looks like the sun blended with the moon,
like the ice melted upon your floor;
for as soon as you see it, like the light
- choked out by the slam of the door.

It feels like a breeze that cannot please,
like the heat on a destructive summers eve
that leaves you dripping and screaming
in sweat, as if drowning in the thick of the sea.

For it is a color unlike any other,
a shade that fades to death;
it is darkness merged with light,
that when seen...devours your breath.

Can you see the color I see?

The Color I See by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse