Thursday, September 20

Seaweed and Kelp

Twisted and tangled within your form
Overlooked by many,
No one can see your beauty lie
Amongst the rocky dwellings of Point Lobos.

The day passes, the tide draws near,
Your elegance soon to be forgotten.
Eager to be a vision remembered,
An artist sees your beautiful rhythm.

An artist keen to the turmoil you bring,
A vision seen as no other;
Analog dreams, rest assured,
You will never be forgotten.

The mighty Deardorff sets upon the Riess
Pointed down with bellows drawn;
Meter read, zone three checked,
Your precious memory lives on!

Displayed in a silvery light
Upon the wall to admire,
A glance, and your viewer stares,
Your memory was acquired.

Seaweed and Kelp by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse