Saturday, April 21

Machine Shop #3

Walking through our presents past,
With relics lost to forgotten time,
A distant world where beauty dies,
Complexity and rhythm ‘round my mind.

Wheels compete to and fro,
Diagonal lines – four-way split.
Visions of confusion swirl about,
A grasp of reality, a simple twist.

Large, small, front to back,
Draws your eye – visual impact.
Spinning tops what do we see?
Disc of industry will be seen!

Competition, forging, metal pipes,
Iron, chains and railroad ties,
Builds the train – our industrialized lives,
Captured here in black and white.

Past now in present time,
Relics being conceptualized.
Modern world co-exists,
Machine Shop Three, immortalized!

Machine Shop #3 by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse