Friday, October 31

William Wordsworth: Lines

Written While Sailing In A Boat At Evening

How richly glows the water's breast
Before us, tinged with evening hues,
While, facing thus the crimson west,
The boat her silent course pursues!
And see how dark the backward stream!
A little moment past so smiling!
And still, perhaps, with faithless gleam,
Some other loiterers beguiling.

Such views the youthful Bard allure;
But, heedless of the following gloom,
He deems their colours shall endure
Till peace go with him to the tomb.
       -- And let him nurse his fond deceit,
And what if he must die in sorrow!
Who would not cherish dreams so sweet,
Though grief and pain may come to-morrow?

My Analysis

What draws me into this poem is the wonderful play on the first and second stanzas.

The first seems to be about the waters, its beauty and grandeur while sailing upon her crests.  As he sails the waters break into charming other crests as they glide into the darkness behind.

Then comes the second, the twist.  This young poet (bard) who is drawn into the scene around him is not paying attention to the environment.  He is deceived by what he sees. All this beauty before him may indeed turn into sorrow and grief, to his utter demise.

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