Sunday, May 24

I Take What is not Mine

Lord, I take what is rightfully yours,
I dance the night right across the floors.
I refuse to give to your earthly stores:
I take what is yours so I can explore.

I do not give to those that are in need;
I give to myself out of earthly greed.
I break the promise you ask me to keep,
To help everyone in desperate need.

I beg you remove my heart of darkened stone,
Teaching me to obey the ways you condone;
Showing me your will,
Instead of my own.

Please remove my contention that is set;
Give to me, or pay another's debt.
My heart has turned into hardened stone,
Earthly idols – won’t leave me alone.

Teach me, Lord, how to share, even more,
Test my heart in helping out the poor;
Giving to those who live dire need,
Giving with a heart that is empty of greed.

Allow me to help those in dire need,
Especially the orphans, the windows and the weak.
For plenty, you have given,
And greatly I’ve received.

I Take What is not Mine by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse