Thursday, July 9

Modern Day Prophets

I sit and cry in great disdain
At the way men speak of God in vain.
The lies they spew from the pulpit so sweet,
Deceiving each and every feeble sheep.

I feel like we are in the days of Old
Right before Noah was told:
Build the ark, and prepare
For a day of wrath the world will bear.

Modern day prophets speak in lies
As the sheep are clueless as to what they imply
For they never open the book of law
To know if the truth was set before them all.

They play this game with their souls,
Condemning themselves to a life unknown,
Of torture and pain for the rest of their days
As the false teachers preach the insane.

For these sleepless sheep of our modern day
Live their lives in chaos and rage.
They rebuke the truth for the lies they love,
In order to justify their earthly lusts.

Modern Day Prophets by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse