Tuesday, March 31

The Creator

For one to say there is no G-d,
That man is just a fool;
    For one to say that G-d is theirs,
    That man is a fool times two.

For one Creator, does exist,
And is all to all;
    No man owns the rights to G-d,
    Even though he believes he does.

G-d is not a religion,
Nor a man disguised as one.

The Creator is a spirit,
And nothing within is flawed;
    And even with our visions,
    the Creator is not what we deem.

For the Creator is the Father
and the mother to us all that be;
    the western mind can't see these things,
    so instead they twist and scream.

The Creator is not a man,
nor a human disguised as one,
    The Creator is a spirit,
    in which we cannot comprehend,
         For once you place G-d in a box
         You limited G-d to your plan.

The Creator by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse