Wednesday, October 22


Change is not what he seems,
As he speaks behind a mask of tyranny.
He is portrayed as light in our darkest hour.

Few pierce through his veil of tyranny
While his words of deceit engage to be your friend;
Like a fire on an arctic night protecting those in dismay.

Blind are they who seek what he seeks;
Following into the darkness of his abyss
Seeking indoctrination into the carnage of him.

Whoa to those who follow so blindly!

The depravities of their minds do not allow him to be seen
As he eagerly awaits to encroach upon his flock
His indoctrination of carnage.

From this day onward he is known as truth;
His flock only comprehends what he allows them to see.
Young and old, rich and poor, they look upon his name;

Truth no longer remains among his sheep,
They choose to exchange truth for his fallacies:
All the while their ears tingle with the masquerade entitled, Change.

Change by K. Saitta © 2008, A Walk In Verse