Sunday, December 27

The Jesus Conception

A false sense of security
is set to the Jesus conception
of doing what you please:
   many believe
    He died for your dreams
    to do as you see,
    without any accountability.
       After all, you believe,
       He covered all your deeds.

Yet, what most don’t get
is that this is an invention of the West;
    a Western mindset … that is.

So, as long as you go
under this false sense of know,
you won’t be forgiven a damn thing,
until you address it with the one named …
    oh never mind,
    for you already believe
    your false sense of peace
    as the West continues to dream
    about a man god as their king.

Maybe one day
you’ll find your place
when you drop to your knees,
    facing towards the mind of the East;
       understanding the precepts and decrees
       of whats real and not make believe.


The Jesus Conception by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse