Sunday, January 25

The Cross, Not a T

The Chi and the Rho
are the letters
one should know.

For the Tau - the T,
is not what it seems
as it is based on the movies,
pure fictional fantasy.

For the Chi
with the Rho
symbolizes what
all should know,
about their one
that bled on a tree,
not the T.

For if what they say,
is true to this day,
then death must play
to this tune;

     A grueling delayed death,
     upon the mountain crest,
     on a cross made of wood.

But from where history stood,
the T came to be
only after Constantine
entered the scene;

     For he changed the Chi, the X to a T
     obscuring your religious creed.

His ancient lie became everyone's alibi,
in the modern day charade,
of the Western parade
- named religion.

The Cross, Not a T by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse