Sunday, May 31

The Sparrow

The sparrow dances amongst the trees,
Chirping and singing wild and free.
Playing within the afternoon breeze,
Displaying her beauty for me to see.

Sweet is she, flying serene
In and out, around the trees.
She stops, she looks…as I sing,
She whistles back singing to me;

Chirp-de-dee, chirp-de-dee
is the song she sings to me,
Chirp-de-dee, chirp-de-dee,
oh what fun, we both agree!

Then at once, off she goes
to bring this joy to another soul;
to brighten their day, to remove dismay
to sing a song and offer her play.

Chirp-de-dee, chirp-de-dee,
what a beautiful memory;
Chirp-de-dee, chirp-de-dee
The day goes on merrily.

The Sparrow by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse